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I Am Woman, Roar with me!

I’m thinking about this heavily as it has been wearing on my heart for some time now.  I’ve been unable to understand this feeling of displacement and its full extent.  This time last year I was a different woman.  I was confident and abnormally excited to conquer the world.  I made one of, if not the largest decision of my life to move to a brand new city and advance my career.

As I am sitting here tonight watching inspirational women talk about the need for women to be brave and take chances and I am reminded of my soul’s core.  The different woman that I was a year ago was an advocate for women chasing their dreams, reaching their goals, and being courageous. The woman I am now is timid. It’s a reality I am willing to admit but am immediately working to change.  I’ve allowed external vices to beat down that once confident woman looking to take on the world.  The most challenging factor to swallow with this realization is that another woman has aided in bringing me to this point.

We as women have an unspoken obligation to lift the morale of other women.  It is our duty to motivate and encourage each other rather than discouraging and knocking down women surrounding us to ‘get to the top’.  We need to come together and utilize each others abilities to reach our full potential.  Competition is good, and healthy to the right extent.  But women in the work place already have a bad name for being too emotional and there is already a stigma that we are unable to handle power.  My recent experiences have proven just that and it saddens me.  How are we as a gender supposed to overcome stereotypes if we are willing to demolish the spirits of the women surrounding us?  How does that make us any better than the cliché we are trying to surpass.

I’m upset with myself for allowing another person to defeat my spirits. But moreover I am upset that another woman has had to audacity to dismember my confidence and self worth solely because of the position she upholds.

I am rekindling my desire to inspire other women.  I am revitalizing the fire from within that motivates me to not only be a better woman but to share that desire with any women willing to listen.  I’m challenging myself to be brave, to be courageous, and to chase my dreams while inspiring others to do the same.

The real question is, who’s coming with me?




I want it all
The long haul
Seeking complement
Of my self-confidence
Feeling qualified
Having extra time occupied
Figuring it out
Without a doubt
Understanding the requirement
Of my desired environment
The association
Of this configuration
Considered intently
Experiences prior
That happened to misfire
Provoked this discovery
Of my souls recovery
Unable to explain
Former disdain
Emptiness is restless
Vested and infectious
Lost existence
Of this coexistence
Until revelation
Liquefying sedation
Overflowing the mind
No longer confined
Shackles released
Undeniably relieved
Normality reconnecting
From correcting
Imbalance with individuality
Regaining personality
On occasion were absorbed
By feelings ignored
Signs evaded
A result of being jaded
Moral essence
From adolescence
To find relation
A confirmation
Of our yearning
Intrinsic burning
Previously restricted
Now depicted
Undeniably distinct
As if I blinked
Shed the covering
Now rediscovering
The legibility
Of my ability
To love and be adored
It’s restored
I know what I require
More importantly what I admire
I want unity
In a two person community
Mutual consideration
Of required elation
Your qualms and mine
Find understanding over wine
A sensitivity
Creating connectivity
I want it all
The long haul
Seeking compliment
In each other’s accomplishments

– ACovie