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To The Days of Stength 

Some days I’m more brave than I realize. When I have these realities come to light, I’m proud. So much gratification comes from conquering your fears. It’s revitalizing, stimulating, and leaves you yearning for more.

Here’s to adventure, to being scared, and ultimatelg being triumphant over uneasiness. 



Digesting and Absorbing 

Compiling my thoughts has been crippling over the past couple of weeks. I have moments of extremes – extreme happiness, extreme sadness, extreme excitement, and extreme reflection. Not always in that order but sometimes all of them within the same day. Life has been a mist of what feels like months where a haze has been hovering over my every day, day to day rituals. Creating a surrealistic present state that I haven’t fully wrapped my mind around.

I am not one to take time to digest things appropriately. The concept of sitting still for long periods of time seems absurd and counterproductive. There’s an entire world of things to explore! There is also a list of items that are left behind – perhaps purposely, in the midst of every day chaos. 

The wildest part about this current life excursion is that these moments of extreme bring one thing to light every time they come about. They remind me that life is about me right now, 100%, for the first time ever. The best part being being it is absolutely okay. Baffling that some days we can allow ourselves to believe we should have permission to live our lives, be what we want to be, do what we want to do. Why the need for approval? It’s important to remind ourselves that we hold all of the cards. 

We truly are the creators of our own destinies. 

Here’s to making an effort to digest, taking the time to reflect, and most importantly allowing the chance to absorb.