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I’m Willing to Climb


Searching for My Self

I remember a girl

Strong willed,

Heart and mind

I recall her depth

Undoubabtle purpose

Absolute necessity to succeed

Her understanding

Of what that really meant

A cause all her own



Her unstoppable prescense

She was an unsung hero

For herself

I miss that girl

The search continues to find her

Discover how she veered off track

To guide her

Back to her roots

While noting

This detour

From her destiny

The hangups

And their past

I know she needs me

Because she

Is me 


Foggy Nostalgia

Some days I can feel the growth
Deep rooted decisions
Moving rapidly beneath my feet
Reminding me
Of the past
What once was
Contrasting with the presence

I’ve been in a fog
A fog of contentment
A place I’ve never been
Constantly searching
For what is wrong
To discover nothing

What is this need for change?
This dissatisfaction
With settlement
Why can’t I stay put?
I applaud my inner workings
On their obsession
With development
I simply wish
They could take the time
To enjoy the peace


No Satisfaction

I want the elation I know exists
Utmost bliss
The sweetest of sensations
Internal acclamation
The longing is undeniable
Timing, unreliable
Dependent upon stance
Willingness to take a chance
I believe I’m obsessed
It needs to be addressed
Never fully satisfied
What next can be modified?


December 28, 2015

The pages displayed
Septembers past
Time sure flies

Where have I been?
It would appear as if I had blinked
a few months forward
from a few months back

The inevitability
Of losing yourself
From time to time

Why am I lost?
Why can’t I find my way?
The direction is unclear..
I jumped
and I still haven’t landed


Happy Birthday

It’s your day
Should I express
My emptiness
By allowing my pride
To step aside

Do I wish you well
Although, not reciprocated
Is this what fate slated?
Wondering what to say
Does it matter any way?

Happy day of birth
To you and all your pride
Perhaps some day we’ll collide
It’s against my better judgement
To deserve this punishment

– ACovie

Clarity Diet 


Broken Girl

She hates that you loath her
Wishes you could understand
Not everything is planned
You can’t realize 
The expanse of the pain
How hard composure is to maintain
A guidance figure
Is what you are supposed to be
One shouldn’t have to plea
Often the wonder what it’s like
To have had the direction
Of a mothers affection
The real kind
A confident
Someone prominent
Strength unprecedented
Built on her own
Herself she’s grown 
– ACovie
Art by ACovie 

Internal Burning


I like to finish things
That’s not always the case
Sometimes I need some space
My thoughts are always rapid
I’m a control freak
I hate the idea of appearing weak
I want to conquer the world
Although, I’m not sure what that means
Most days my senses are keen
I want to fall in love
The absorbing kind
Then I immediately rewind
Freedom is crucial
Most don’t understand
I like the upper hand
I’m always in my head
If I’m quiet
My minds a riot
I can’t make up my mind
I’m making a solid attempt
To grant moments of exempt
I expect the answer will appear
With gleaming lights and bells
Thats not the reality, as far as I can tell
I’m just going to keep living
Loving and learning
Satisfying my internal burning

Photo: ACovie



The day is surreal
In touch with the feel
Releasing into the universe
Thoughts rehearsed
In my mind
Starving to find
Resolution to an emptiness
Internal heaviness
Needing to belong
Felt for so long
Finding understanding
Of internal demanding
Sitting stagnant
Due to missing fragments
They were even there
Without unearthing
Behavior Ive been conserving
Needing something more
Stronger than ever before
I think I found the resolution
Or at least a potential solution
A niche that feels favorable
An area so flavorful
Adheres to my senses
A place to let down defenses
A sensation of home
Desire to roam
Expanding field of vision
Continue this life revision
Start fresh in this place anew
Where Inspiration accrues
I need to make the leap
Pick up my feet
Moves to be shaped
Depletedness escaped