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End of Year Reflection


I can’t help but appreciate changes to the seasons and their inevitable reminder to reflect. Years end invokes the beauty of the trials, tribulations, and conquests the year has brought on.

Cheers to reflecting!



The Reset – Reality 

Reflective Saturday 

Reality, I’m here to stay 

Strolls through the city

Over which I’ve been so giddy 

This dream come true

So long overdue

Overwhelming sadness

Ideological madness

Verity in this decision

Pause in revision

The fast track

To all the boxes unpacked

Arrived at a standstill

Forced to absorb my fill

This decision I’ve shaped

My old life I’ve escaped

It’s authentic

Most moments virtually hallucinagenic

An elaborate cocktail

Of adventurous, anxious, brave, and frail 

No constant one second to the next

My introspection indefinitely complex

I cant disengage

This mental cage

This roller coaster of emotion

From what I’ve chosen

I wouldn’t change the circumstance

Accompanying this urban romance

Harnessing these feelings

Appreciating these dealings

For the day I reflect

And think, now what’s next?


Every Day Is Brand New 


At the end of the day

Put your fears away

Let these moments pass

Absorb the lows, aware of their contrast 


Photo by ACovie 

Gloomy Morning, Bright Heart


Gloomy mornings can’t cease a blissful heart. 


Instagram: ACovie


My yesterday’s will soon only be a reflection of my new self. 

– ACovie

Photo by ACovie



The day is surreal
In touch with the feel
Releasing into the universe
Thoughts rehearsed
In my mind
Starving to find
Resolution to an emptiness
Internal heaviness
Needing to belong
Felt for so long
Finding understanding
Of internal demanding
Sitting stagnant
Due to missing fragments
They were even there
Without unearthing
Behavior Ive been conserving
Needing something more
Stronger than ever before
I think I found the resolution
Or at least a potential solution
A niche that feels favorable
An area so flavorful
Adheres to my senses
A place to let down defenses
A sensation of home
Desire to roam
Expanding field of vision
Continue this life revision
Start fresh in this place anew
Where Inspiration accrues
I need to make the leap
Pick up my feet
Moves to be shaped
Depletedness escaped


Bitter Beauty


Photo: ACovie

Lee Plaza Hotel







Lee Plaza Hotel
As far as I can tell
Hidden stories in every direction
I can feel the connection