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I’m Still Me


As if we never knew each other
Dear Ex Lover
Once treasured
Now weathered
Who are you?
I’m having a breakthrough
True colors emerge
With each angry word
I understand the hate
Although, I can’t relate
Broken ties
Makes one realize
Truth behind
The broken mind
I can’t rectify
But can clarify
The wills
Not intended ill
Not meant in distaste
Feeling disgraced
From emotions inside
I could no longer hide
When honesty fails
Told in tales
Who’s to believe
My words misconceived
When defending my soul
Feels like a deep hole
I can’t depart
Detained in my heart
But I will say this
I’m returning to bliss
Rounding the curb
This I deserve
You can’t take my ability
With your irresponsibility
Of my words
It’s what I’ve heard
Whether or not you agree
I’m still me

Photo by: ACovie


Best Friend

I really loved you
I forgot it, but it’s true
Reflection recalls
Life before walls
Friendship on fire
All I’d desired
When the change?
The feeling rearrange
Reverting back,
I can’t handle that
Nor could you
after what I put you through
Is this momentary?
Or a moment of clarity?
Digging deep
As I sit and weep
Remembering what we had
Was it really so bad?
All I recollect
Is initial connect
Some days are so heavy
Nothing to be said until I’m ready
I’ll never know if that will be
Without this time as me
Although, I miss your sweet smile
Starring in my eyes a while
Making eggs in the morning
Or something extra without warning
Being chefs in the kitchen
Absolutely smitten
Dinner dates
We always would appreciate
You were my best friend
I hope one day we mend

– ACovie