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I’m Willing to Climb


Foggy Nostalgia

Some days I can feel the growth
Deep rooted decisions
Moving rapidly beneath my feet
Reminding me
Of the past
What once was
Contrasting with the presence

I’ve been in a fog
A fog of contentment
A place I’ve never been
Constantly searching
For what is wrong
To discover nothing

What is this need for change?
This dissatisfaction
With settlement
Why can’t I stay put?
I applaud my inner workings
On their obsession
With development
I simply wish
They could take the time
To enjoy the peace


Shadows & Sunshine

Shadows and Sunshine

I haven’t visited in some time
Likely out of fear
Fear for my reality
The changes
Painstakingly necessary
Undoubtedly unavoidable

This presence has frightened me
The in depth realism
To opening the gates
To what was once bliss
No longer

Within the sunshine
Comes shadows
You can’t appreciate rays
Without some darkness
Oh how I’ve missed you
Warmth of my mind

I welcome your return
and acknowledge
You’ll again leave
and my avoidance
Will reestablish
Until my next awakening


Fluctuating Feelings

My direction is wavering
Although, this is not uncommon

I set a fire an old life
and planted seeds for a new one
Now I see trimmings are in order

This never ending cycle of growth
At times blissful
Others daunting

I wish I better understood my needs
My desires
I await the day the light bulb stops flickering
And glows continuously
The flame I chase may be out of reach,
but I continue to run towards it
I want so much
And nothing at all

I can never truly make up my mind
The blessing and curse that ensues

Now here I am
lying awake again
Questioning my every move

– ACovie

Late Night Thought X19

That which can be the greatest desire can become the opposition in a matter of moments.  It’s genuinely terrifying. Although, being open to the unknown is the only way to truly live. 

I’ve always been grateful for my deep sea dives in the end. 
Relishing in momentary bliss. I live for these moments. 


Late Night Thought X16

“The most subtle moments can bring clarity to the assorted misconceptions within everyday life.”


Photo by: ACovie 

Digesting and Absorbing 

Compiling my thoughts has been crippling over the past couple of weeks. I have moments of extremes – extreme happiness, extreme sadness, extreme excitement, and extreme reflection. Not always in that order but sometimes all of them within the same day. Life has been a mist of what feels like months where a haze has been hovering over my every day, day to day rituals. Creating a surrealistic present state that I haven’t fully wrapped my mind around.

I am not one to take time to digest things appropriately. The concept of sitting still for long periods of time seems absurd and counterproductive. There’s an entire world of things to explore! There is also a list of items that are left behind – perhaps purposely, in the midst of every day chaos. 

The wildest part about this current life excursion is that these moments of extreme bring one thing to light every time they come about. They remind me that life is about me right now, 100%, for the first time ever. The best part being being it is absolutely okay. Baffling that some days we can allow ourselves to believe we should have permission to live our lives, be what we want to be, do what we want to do. Why the need for approval? It’s important to remind ourselves that we hold all of the cards. 

We truly are the creators of our own destinies. 

Here’s to making an effort to digest, taking the time to reflect, and most importantly allowing the chance to absorb.



The Reset – Reality 

Reflective Saturday 

Reality, I’m here to stay 

Strolls through the city

Over which I’ve been so giddy 

This dream come true

So long overdue

Overwhelming sadness

Ideological madness

Verity in this decision

Pause in revision

The fast track

To all the boxes unpacked

Arrived at a standstill

Forced to absorb my fill

This decision I’ve shaped

My old life I’ve escaped

It’s authentic

Most moments virtually hallucinagenic

An elaborate cocktail

Of adventurous, anxious, brave, and frail 

No constant one second to the next

My introspection indefinitely complex

I cant disengage

This mental cage

This roller coaster of emotion

From what I’ve chosen

I wouldn’t change the circumstance

Accompanying this urban romance

Harnessing these feelings

Appreciating these dealings

For the day I reflect

And think, now what’s next?


Expansion Insight X3

Sometimes you have to touch the bottom before you work your way back up. 

Reminder: it’s okay to touch the bottom knowing you’re en route to resurfacing. 

“Because I went from negative to positive” – See Biggie knew what was up 


Drafting The Next Chapter


How do you begin to ingest
All that’s progressed
Over limited time
When you start to rewind
The surge of sensation
Has begun it’s escalation
Of this new reality
On display
Soon to be set on replay
Unable to comprehend
Exactly what I intend
Incapable of understanding
Where life is landing
Paralleled with exhilaration
Filling this empty souls starvation
Downright adventure
and unfamiliar ventures
Connection with souls
Harboring similar goals
Expressing an internal ambition
Without condition
Writing the next division
In every day life revision