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Cheers to Tears

Sometimes you just need a good cry. The kind that comes from the deep dark patches of your soul filled with all of the pent up things you’ve been attempting to avoid. 

When it happens be sure to determine the reason behind the tears, accept them, and move forward.

There is no growth without reflection. 

Cheers to tears,



Shadows & Sunshine

Shadows and Sunshine

I haven’t visited in some time
Likely out of fear
Fear for my reality
The changes
Painstakingly necessary
Undoubtedly unavoidable

This presence has frightened me
The in depth realism
To opening the gates
To what was once bliss
No longer

Within the sunshine
Comes shadows
You can’t appreciate rays
Without some darkness
Oh how I’ve missed you
Warmth of my mind

I welcome your return
and acknowledge
You’ll again leave
and my avoidance
Will reestablish
Until my next awakening


December 28, 2015

The pages displayed
Septembers past
Time sure flies

Where have I been?
It would appear as if I had blinked
a few months forward
from a few months back

The inevitability
Of losing yourself
From time to time

Why am I lost?
Why can’t I find my way?
The direction is unclear..
I jumped
and I still haven’t landed


Late Night Thought X21

My spirits are beat down. I’m finally willing to admit it. The sleepless nights, indecisive thoughts, and eradic emotions are beginning to make sense. It’s hard to swallow your pride and admit when you’re hurt. It’s easy to mistake these feelings for weakness. 

I’m not weak. I am hurt. I am struggling. And now I’m going to work to change that. 

Consuming late night thoughts you strike again, I’m striking back. 


Late Night Thought X20

I’m not exactly positive when I started, but taking full control of my destiny has been nothing short of rewarding. Enter follow your dreams dreams quote here. 

But really, do it…

Late Night Thought X19

That which can be the greatest desire can become the opposition in a matter of moments.  It’s genuinely terrifying. Although, being open to the unknown is the only way to truly live. 

I’ve always been grateful for my deep sea dives in the end. 
Relishing in momentary bliss. I live for these moments. 


Late Night Thought X18

The ultimate goal is finding your partner in life that wants to do,experience, and conquer all of the same things you do. I’m reminded of this every time I spend time with my father. He, his wife, and his friends have more fun doing absolutely nothing because they simply love life for all of the same reasons. I want to find the love that that people envy. I refuse to have anything less than just that. If I stab myself in the foot and end up alone, so be it. I want my best friend, my co-pilot, my ultimate partner to conquer, love, live, and experience this life for all it is. 

Light bulb night. The best nights. 


Late Night Thought X17

You have to learn to appreciate the long nights. Especially the ones followed by an early morning. The walks alone in a city that’s still foreign. The reality of being alone, figuring it out. Don’t lose sight of the moments. They are just that, moments. Brief elements of what makes up who we are, who we are becoming. 

Oh, I love the moments. I love this eye opening experience for everything it’s worth and the woman it’s making me become. 
I almost lost sight…


Late Night Thought X16

“The most subtle moments can bring clarity to the assorted misconceptions within everyday life.”


Photo by: ACovie 

Late Night Thought X15

The evolution of our being – It’s a miraculous thing.  Contemplating the impact of another person’s residence in your life no matter how long or short is enchanting.  Even in the broad sense of our lives each person has some form of outcome that results, sometimes without our knowledge.  I’m finding for me personally looking back on relationships over time gives me a better understanding of how I’ve grown and changed as an individual and definitely speaks to the person I am today.

Have you ever reviewed a past ‘form’ of yourself and thought ‘I can’t even imagine that person now’.  Maybe I’m strange but I have this feeling from time to time.  At the depth of my core there are consistent traits that have remained true throughout my life but the persona’s I have chosen over the years have been drastically different.  This can be viewed in a negative manner, and I do understand the reasoning behind that.  When I think about it on a real level I don’t view these persona’s as negative.  I view them as extremely positive. If you never tried something, if you never experienced different personalities, different lifestyles, how would you ever know the difference?  Comparing and contrasting and then being legitimate with yourself on the elements you favor is crucial. I’ve dabbled and will continue to dabble until I satisfy all of my curiosities.  Isn’t that the point?

I’ve missed you, consuming, late night thoughts.
Welcome back,