How do I know, if I love you?

I can’t write.  I can’t write because I can’t compile my thoughts.  I find it so upsetting.  Such an uphill battle, this internal war I’m directing between my heart and my mind.  I fall too fast, too quick, I’m too honest, too open, completely transparent.  All qualities I’ve embraced and fought for as long as I can remember. I really love.  Love in the way that I love the world, including the stranger on the corner who smiled at me.  Love like my deep obsession for rice krispie treats and a good cup of coffee.  I am simply a person who loves.  This doesn’t discredit my character, it doesn’t mean I’m weak, and it doesn’t mean that I can’t or won’t love deeper each opportunity I get to love again.

Love is terrifying…  a complied mess of beauty, emotions, and fear.

As it turns out, I love being scared.