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Foggy Nostalgia

Some days I can feel the growth
Deep rooted decisions
Moving rapidly beneath my feet
Reminding me
Of the past
What once was
Contrasting with the presence

I’ve been in a fog
A fog of contentment
A place I’ve never been
Constantly searching
For what is wrong
To discover nothing

What is this need for change?
This dissatisfaction
With settlement
Why can’t I stay put?
I applaud my inner workings
On their obsession
With development
I simply wish
They could take the time
To enjoy the peace



To The Days of Stength 

Some days I’m more brave than I realize. When I have these realities come to light, I’m proud. So much gratification comes from conquering your fears. It’s revitalizing, stimulating, and leaves you yearning for more.

Here’s to adventure, to being scared, and ultimatelg being triumphant over uneasiness. 


Not everything path is perfect, but they all lead somewhere.


Photo by: ACovie

Lee Plaza Hotel







Lee Plaza Hotel
As far as I can tell
Hidden stories in every direction
I can feel the connection


Exploring My City

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Detroit has so many pockets that show just how inspired its people truly are. I want to discover every one of them ❤