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Shadows & Sunshine

Shadows and Sunshine

I haven’t visited in some time
Likely out of fear
Fear for my reality
The changes
Painstakingly necessary
Undoubtedly unavoidable

This presence has frightened me
The in depth realism
To opening the gates
To what was once bliss
No longer

Within the sunshine
Comes shadows
You can’t appreciate rays
Without some darkness
Oh how I’ve missed you
Warmth of my mind

I welcome your return
and acknowledge
You’ll again leave
and my avoidance
Will reestablish
Until my next awakening



Broken Girl

She hates that you loath her
Wishes you could understand
Not everything is planned
You can’t realize 
The expanse of the pain
How hard composure is to maintain
A guidance figure
Is what you are supposed to be
One shouldn’t have to plea
Often the wonder what it’s like
To have had the direction
Of a mothers affection
The real kind
A confident
Someone prominent
Strength unprecedented
Built on her own
Herself she’s grown 
– ACovie
Art by ACovie 

Lee Plaza Hotel







Lee Plaza Hotel
As far as I can tell
Hidden stories in every direction
I can feel the connection


Self Journey Bliss


I’m enjoying the scenery, expecting nothing at all. It’s the most wonderful thing.



Art is Love

Music brings inspiration
In my heart I hold so much admiration
To artists diverse
Passion disbursed
Splattered on a substrate
Eloquently explaining hate,
Love, you name it
Expression being articulated
Creating aesthetics
With each set of kinetics
Visual and audible to name a few
Resulting in my soul renewed
All of the outlets
Different outsets
So much allure
It’s ensured
Creative interpretation
For whichever sensation
Whatever you’re feeling today
Art won’t lead you astray
Craft, dexterity, artistry
To life, brings harmony
Astounding minds
Open the blinds
To the loveliness of life
Aiding in avoiding strife

I love all art.  Expression is one of the world’s most magnificent gifts. ❤