Month: June, 2015

Late Night Thought X15

The evolution of our being – It’s a miraculous thing.  Contemplating the impact of another person’s residence in your life no matter how long or short is enchanting.  Even in the broad sense of our lives each person has some form of outcome that results, sometimes without our knowledge.  I’m finding for me personally looking back on relationships over time gives me a better understanding of how I’ve grown and changed as an individual and definitely speaks to the person I am today.

Have you ever reviewed a past ‘form’ of yourself and thought ‘I can’t even imagine that person now’.  Maybe I’m strange but I have this feeling from time to time.  At the depth of my core there are consistent traits that have remained true throughout my life but the persona’s I have chosen over the years have been drastically different.  This can be viewed in a negative manner, and I do understand the reasoning behind that.  When I think about it on a real level I don’t view these persona’s as negative.  I view them as extremely positive. If you never tried something, if you never experienced different personalities, different lifestyles, how would you ever know the difference?  Comparing and contrasting and then being legitimate with yourself on the elements you favor is crucial. I’ve dabbled and will continue to dabble until I satisfy all of my curiosities.  Isn’t that the point?

I’ve missed you, consuming, late night thoughts.
Welcome back,


Greatest Fear

DSC_1669 2

Resetting induces redefining
Instinctively combining
While uncovering
Layers exclusive
Naturally elusive
Exposed from strain
Difficult to explain
The need to understand
What’s at hand
This opportunity
To find internal unity
To release
And make peace
With obstacles uncontrollable
Being consolable
It must be
The perfect storm
Stepping out of the norm
Waiting for the dust to clear
Or maybe that’s my greatest fear

Photo by ACovie

Photo Love – Chicago Love

DSC_1812 2

The beauty of photography is within the ability to relive the impact of a single moment.

– ACovie
Photo by: ACovie

Late Night Thought X14

Sometimes I catch myself loathing in my own self doubt. These aren’t my most proud moments but I do believe they are healthy in their own manor. This balancing act of day to day emotions is only another reality of ‘nothing that’s worth it ever comes easy’. Also, and additional reminder to keep on your toes and embrace life with an open mind and heart. 

Yes, yes. Necessary reminders. 

Late Night Thought X13

Oh the things you learn to appreciate so much more drastically when you don’t have them at your disposal every day.  For me these things have included: Bread, Beer, and Internet.  Luckily the internet is now back in my grasps…

Oh, the internet.

Digesting and Absorbing 

Compiling my thoughts has been crippling over the past couple of weeks. I have moments of extremes – extreme happiness, extreme sadness, extreme excitement, and extreme reflection. Not always in that order but sometimes all of them within the same day. Life has been a mist of what feels like months where a haze has been hovering over my every day, day to day rituals. Creating a surrealistic present state that I haven’t fully wrapped my mind around.

I am not one to take time to digest things appropriately. The concept of sitting still for long periods of time seems absurd and counterproductive. There’s an entire world of things to explore! There is also a list of items that are left behind – perhaps purposely, in the midst of every day chaos. 

The wildest part about this current life excursion is that these moments of extreme bring one thing to light every time they come about. They remind me that life is about me right now, 100%, for the first time ever. The best part being being it is absolutely okay. Baffling that some days we can allow ourselves to believe we should have permission to live our lives, be what we want to be, do what we want to do. Why the need for approval? It’s important to remind ourselves that we hold all of the cards. 

We truly are the creators of our own destinies. 

Here’s to making an effort to digest, taking the time to reflect, and most importantly allowing the chance to absorb.