Month: April, 2015

Think About It #3

It’s more rewarding to have someone want to be with you versus needing to be with you. 

Think about it. 



Expansion Insight X2

Life’s about to become really uncomfortable. 

I secretly love discomfort. 

Cheers to the next chapter. 



It’s who I am
I overshare, I’m completely aware
Would you like some insight
On my internal fights
Do you want to understand
What my mind commands
Interested in the details
Of my inner trails
Tangled in knots
These overcompensating thoughts
Stored in a receptacle
It’s quite the skeptical
Although, under control
Focused on future goals
Thrusting into the unknown
Avoiding that which I can’t condone
Taking to refinement
Of my life’s realignment
With pride and grace
No matter what I face
Excited to hit reset
These days I’ll never forget


Growth by Misconduct 

I want to attribute 
Conditions I can’t dispute 
Quality traits
Personality updates
I’ve had to acquire
Thanks to your burning desire 
To fracture my being
Yes, this is what I’m seeing
An existence with a cause
To put my life on pause
Skin like leather
I’ve had to weather
Tough as nails
From your derails
Heightened defense 
Mood fluctuations so immense
Tender as can be
Followed by thievery
Of my worth
Evident since birth
My recollection
Of your affection 
What you conspire 
Each time you misfire
To break me down
Watch me drown
It feels like a goal
To tear apart my soul
I won’t concede
Or allow you to proceed
With this destruction
Constant obstruction
To my growth
I take this oath
You will no longer succeed
Heart and mind agreed
To take the high route
Without a doubt
I’ve cultivated what not to be
Some day you’ll see
An unfortunate ending
No longer pretending
That it’s okay
To treat me this way
Standing my ground
Feeling profound
Free from fear 
I’m a pioneer
On a new endeavor
Feeling braver than ever


Expansion Insight X1

Those who dwell in their own misery are advocates in the demolition of happiness and growth in those around them. 

It is crucial to rid yourself of these people. 

Late Night Thought X12

The depth of legitiment learning is established by being willing to admit fault and excepting that it’s okay to fail. 

Failure is an essential step in progress. 

Bring it.