Month: March, 2015

Late Night Thought X11

What you can accomplish when you really put your mind to it is astonishing. 

Conquer your intentions. The reward is beyond gratifying. 


Gloomy Morning, Bright Heart


Gloomy mornings can’t cease a blissful heart. 


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Moments of Bliss

Observing your gaze

After we’ve already walked away

Lifts my soul

For a moment I feel whole


Here’s to change

Reading Brené Browns ‘Daring Greatly’ couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time in my life.  The discussion of vulnerability and shame is definitely something that needs to occur more frequently not only in my life but in the worlds life.  Yes, the entire world.

I am at a turning point of life where I am making rash decisions to change not only my career and my home but the entire essence of my being.  Rash probably isn’t the correct word choice but I can only imagine that from an outside view that is how it must appear.

Being ‘rash’ is riveting and also terrifying.  I’m literally rewriting my life.  This process isn’t occurring over night and I wouldn’t expect it to.  All I know is that it feels good, great really.  By good I mean it feels this way 97% of the time.  The other 3% is spend in mild spurts of panic and doubt.  This is where Brenés book is especially more powerful to me right now.  This panic and doubt is me experiencing vulnerability and shame.

I have these 3% moments where I think: I’m not a good enough designer to expand.  I don’t have enough experience and know how.  I’m not a strong enough woman to make the things I want to happen.  I’m not assertive enough.

My gremlins take over and consume me until I can hardly think, let alone focus.  I’m battling these often and it’s soaking up a lot of my energy.  Most nights I’m not sleeping or if I’m sleeping it’s not the great sleep I am accustomed to in my normal more comfortable life.

The reality of right now is I want to be challenged.  I want change.  I want to grow and experience the next great thing in life.  Deep down I know and believe what I’m doing is just that.  I just need to continue battling the self doubt that rears its ugly face from time to time. Knowing that the let downs that I’ve already caused and will inevitably cause with this life change will have a reason in the end.  If I allow these things to stunt my process now I won’t continue to move forward.  That would be the easy route, to just give in to the fear of the unknown.

Time and time again the difficult direction has only proven to be that much more rewarding in my life.  So I continue to remind myself of that.  Nothing worth it in life is ever easy, nor should it be.

So, on the flip side, I am getting excited about these immense adventures I am being blessed with and making happen no matter how they work themselves out in the end.

I want to inspire the world.  Even if the ‘world’ only ends up being a handful of people who I’ve been so lucky to come in touch with throughout my lifetime.  When I think of the women and men who have and continue to inspire me the most it only drives me to continue full force on a path of inspiring them back, along with others.

Here’s to inspiring.
Here’s to being vulnerable.
Here’s to being resilient to shame.
Here’s to daring greatly.


New Preface, Offer Pending

Headphones in ears
Attempting to disappear
Consuming my salad
Writing a ballad
Centered in the kitchen
Full of ambition
Scents of diverse meals
Conversations lacking feels
Typical work day
Outward oddities on display
Relishing in these traits
Deeply appreciate
With no expectation of glory
Just telling my story
Simply present
In this being I represent
Absorbing all meaningful connection
Prepping the dissection
Defining all of these developments
My inner elements
Ebbs & flows
Of all I don’t know
Excitement and fear
What’s near?
The next step impending
New preface, offer pending


Late Night Thought X10

Some of my biggest fears are emerging. I’ve decided to take it as a good sign. 

Being terrified can be the most beautiful thing with paralleled results. 


My yesterday’s will soon only be a reflection of my new self. 

– ACovie

Photo by ACovie

Late Night Thought X9

Nothing in life that’s worth it comes easy. Keep bringing on the challenges universe. 

I’m expecting a superb grand finale.