Month: January, 2015


I want it all
The long haul
Seeking complement
Of my self-confidence
Feeling qualified
Having extra time occupied
Figuring it out
Without a doubt
Understanding the requirement
Of my desired environment
The association
Of this configuration
Considered intently
Experiences prior
That happened to misfire
Provoked this discovery
Of my souls recovery
Unable to explain
Former disdain
Emptiness is restless
Vested and infectious
Lost existence
Of this coexistence
Until revelation
Liquefying sedation
Overflowing the mind
No longer confined
Shackles released
Undeniably relieved
Normality reconnecting
From correcting
Imbalance with individuality
Regaining personality
On occasion were absorbed
By feelings ignored
Signs evaded
A result of being jaded
Moral essence
From adolescence
To find relation
A confirmation
Of our yearning
Intrinsic burning
Previously restricted
Now depicted
Undeniably distinct
As if I blinked
Shed the covering
Now rediscovering
The legibility
Of my ability
To love and be adored
It’s restored
I know what I require
More importantly what I admire
I want unity
In a two person community
Mutual consideration
Of required elation
Your qualms and mine
Find understanding over wine
A sensitivity
Creating connectivity
I want it all
The long haul
Seeking compliment
In each other’s accomplishments

– ACovie


Conscious Demands


Appreciation in dedication
It’s sweeping the nation
Recognition of devotion
Artisans in motion
A force that won’t cease
Sweet release
Witnessing expression
Souls confession
While enlarging
The essence of viewers
These consumers
Starving for inspiration
Creation in consideration
Satisfying internal entity
Revealing identity
Stripping minds
Removing blinds
To expose
Lucidity composed
It’s freeing
Finding meaning
In communication
Whatever translation
Clearing the clouded
Space above the eyes
Inward cries
For relief
Only brief
Exploding concepts
It’s a process
Often neglected
At times unexpected
An understanding
Of conscious demanding


Photo: Selfie ūüėõ

I’m Still Me


As if we never knew each other
Dear Ex Lover
Once treasured
Now weathered
Who are you?
I’m having a breakthrough
True colors emerge
With each angry word
I understand the hate
Although, I can’t relate
Broken ties
Makes one realize
Truth behind
The broken mind
I can’t rectify
But can clarify
The wills
Not intended ill
Not meant in distaste
Feeling disgraced
From emotions inside
I could no longer hide
When honesty fails
Told in tales
Who’s to believe
My words misconceived
When defending my soul
Feels like a deep hole
I can’t depart
Detained in my heart
But I will say this
I’m returning to bliss
Rounding the curb
This I deserve
You can’t take my ability
With your irresponsibility
Of my words
It’s what I’ve heard
Whether or not you agree
I’m still me

Photo by: ACovie

Late Night Thought X7

Hurt is a hard card to deal with. But using hurt to fight hurt never does any one any good.

Exploring My City

DSC_0865 DSC_0906 DSC_0908 DSC_0945 DSC_0949 DSC_0973 DSC_1095

Detroit has so many pockets that show just how inspired its people truly are. I want to discover every one of them ‚̧


Addicted To Beginnings

Addicted to beginnings
The principal of winning
Not in the literal sense
But due to their contents
Breaking of ritual
Should be habitual
A fresh outlook
Gives diverse output
With each initiation
Comes a sensation
Exciting and new
Euphorically subdued
Undeniably delighted
Relating stimulation
With unfamiliar flirtation
Restored curiosity
At uncharted velocity
Perceptions altered
Each time less faltered
It’s addicting,
Not restricting
Unlike living by procedure
Which will leave one eager
Always look to explore more
Than known before
Beginnings are essential
To reach true potential


Social Media Strangeness

Social media makes opening doors to the past that much easier.¬† I read an article the other day that mentioned the ‘relationship grave yards’ that are left all over the interwebs.¬† What a crazy truthful phrase.¬† How easy it is to dig up old feelings just by scrolling through your facebook photos, instagram posts, and random tweets.¬† Each giving some insight on how you were feeling at that very moment. I’ve always had a notebook I write in but rarely flip through. Social media keeps all of your past so readily available for your weakest moments.

Social media is fucking weird.

Best Friend

I really loved you
I forgot it, but it’s true
Reflection recalls
Life before walls
Friendship on fire
All I’d desired
When the change?
The feeling rearrange
Reverting back,
I can’t handle that
Nor could you
after what I put you through
Is this momentary?
Or a moment of clarity?
Digging deep
As I sit and weep
Remembering what we had
Was it really so bad?
All I recollect
Is initial connect
Some days are so heavy
Nothing to be said until I’m ready
I’ll never know if that will be
Without this time as me
Although, I miss your sweet smile
Starring in my eyes a while
Making eggs in the morning
Or something extra without warning
Being chefs in the kitchen
Absolutely smitten
Dinner dates
We always would appreciate
You were my best friend
I hope one day we mend

– ACovie