Month: December, 2014

Self Journey Bliss


I’m enjoying the scenery, expecting nothing at all. It’s the most wonderful thing.





Our definitions
No Competition
No need to be discrete
This direction, my way
It’s here to stay
Foot down
Feeling renown

Something within
Was imprisoned
Now released
Looking to feast
On everything
It’s emptying
I cant explain
The depth of this campaign

No need to understand
This was unplanned
I wont disclose
All I now know
But I’ll recognize
How to compartmentalize
All I want to accomplish
Not pompous

Not self-seeking
exclusively well-meaning
For not only me, but you
I’m completely subdued
Deciphering my inner being
It’s freeing
I won’t surrender
Enjoying the splendor

Moments of clarity
They scare me
In an instant I’m numb
I know what I want to become
It’s meditative
A reminder
This is what I require

– ACovie

Overactive Mind

Overactive mind
How it’s designed
Frequent flow of deduction
Consistent reproduction
Contrasting intention
Need an intervention
Perception jaded
Mentality invaded
Contradicting instant to instant
Nothing is consistent
Loosing rationality
Along with functionality
How does one calm the comprehension
Of this pretension?
Within my own cognition
I need permission
To take some duration
From this fixation
To relieve observation
Of every situation
Just to be
Don’t you agree?



The evolution of our self is astounding.
At least it should be.

I love stumbling across my old thoughts and reflecting.
To see growth contains an unexplainable excitement for me.

It’s so often when we are making life decisions that they seem so crucial; And yes to some extend I would say they are, but the reality is how we react to our decisions is more imperative.  We are not always going to make appropriate decisions. At the time of the decision making we don’t always know what the right choice is, not always do we care.  That’s kind of the point of this life thing we’re doing.  How appealing would living and learning be if we already knew which direction to go?

I personally think it’s intriguing to reflect on ones old self. There was a reason you were once that person and even more so that person is the reason you are who you are to this very day.  Comparing and contrasting the then you to the now you can reveal a lot about what you have learned and you may not even realize how much you’ve changed until you take the time to reflect.

I find it comical when people give others grief about how they’ve ‘changed’.  Oh really, you haven’t?  If you haven’t I feel sorry for you. Honestly.  You clearly must not be expanding.  I’ve received this this notion fairly often through my life.  Truth is, I have changed a lot.  I’ve changed frequently and without warning.  If I told you I was sorry for doing so, I would be a liar.  Am I sorry for the friendships and relationships I’ve lost over time?  No.  Does that make me an inconsiderate human being?  No.  Because, if you’re not changing, you’re not developing and you definitely are not learning from your oversights.  It’s so hard to understand in the moment, but that is why observation is key.

Examine who you are.  Scrutinize who you use to be.  Understand that the two are in complete correlation with one another.  Don’t regret any choice you have made.  Do not second guess that you may have made the wrong decision because that choice brought you to who are you right now.  If you don’t like that person, change it.  Most importantly do not let others bring you down for your prosperity.  If they cannot appreciate the person you have become than they are not worth your time and indefinitely someone else will welcome the beautiful human you are now.

Too much wine, and too many thoughts.
Cova, Out.

I Eat Breakfast Every Day

I eat breakfast every day
I’m not sure when it became this way
Shifts are subtle
There’s been no room for rebuttle
Lessons learned without consent
Feeling the need to vent
Discipline has become a reality
Diminishing abnormality
There’s underlying satisfaction
In life without distraction
I’m developing an obsession
With confession, progression, and expression
Its astounding
To find grounding
The space between instinct and desire
Illustrates all that we require
Just taking time to recognize
And emphasize
All obligations
Of our formation
Are keys to success
But will reveal themselves nonetheless
Although, taking the initiative
Is more than primitive
I suppose that’s why I eat breakfast every day
My life, I don’t want to underplay


Frolicking in the Gray Area

I’m still placing the pieces of a larger depiction
Without affliction
Appreciating the gray expanse
I took this chance
Unaware exact explanation
For this declaration
I’m finding the meager resolutions
To be the key to the solution
Astonishing how each segment has its place
Meant to be there, not to erase
A simple gesture
Can remove the vesture
Even for an instant
Everything feels consistent
I’m not even sure the question I’m asking
But I’m constantly unmasking
Truths I need to recognize
This I’m trying to emphasize
You have to question to comprehend
Just how far you can transcend
– ACovie