Month: October, 2014

Sunday in October




“In a way it does make sense: Art offers refuge, an escape from what we can’t accept in the world.”
– Cristian Mihai
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Photos © ACovie


Can I?

Can I tell you I miss you?
It’s not like it wouldn’t be true
The you I once knew

I’m not sure where I stand
And on the other hand
I’m your biggest fan

Such a weird feeling
I need mental healing
I wasn’t dealing

No concept of what I want
My mind flaunts
My heart haunts

This idea in my head
Based on what I’ve read
There’s nothing left to be said

I’m holding onto these thoughts
This is what I sought
For this I fought




Cool days play nicely with my cool heart
This new start
Turn of the season
Looking for reason
To unanswered questions
These lessons
I don’t understand
Completely unplanned


Photo: ACova

The Story Of Me

I’ve taken hold
Of my reserved abode
I no longer want to hide
Or be denied
The freedom I deserve
In other words
I’ve taken control
I’m becoming whole
Within my hands
All resolution stands
Exhilarating, intoxicating
Absolutely fascinating
How life under revision
Holds so much provision
For renewed views
You’ll have to excuse
No way of restricting
No use in contradicting
I’m on a roll
And this I know
Will not change unexpectedly
Because aesthetically
The perfect delineation
Still needs filtration
To be clear
My grip won’t disappear
I’m holding tightly
To what might be
Everything I’ve ever desired
Including which I’ve admired
When else will I have this chance?
To enhance
Not only my being
But everything I’m seeing
In perfect light
I’m trying to rewrite
The story of me
To be everything it possibly can be


Late Night Thought X4

I’m taking ownership of my life back. What that means is to be continued… I just can feel it.

It’s all Mine

I feel the disapproval
Behind the lines
Of people I once held dear
It’s anyone’s fear
I understand the circumstances
Of this unmentioned judgement
Although, these choices, my decisions
Have no revisions
Evaluate as you will
This perception of what occurred
Your prejudged behaviorism
Is no algorithm
There is no scientific proof
No explanation for emotion
Or way to decipher this longing necessity
To feed our souls endlessly
Desired differently
From soul to soul
Attempting to analyze, disentangle
Leaves worlds mangled
Yet this judgment placed
Is beyond my authority
And truthfully low priority
The truth is
The truth isn’t deserved
My decisions aren’t up for consent
There is no argument
The way I feel in the moment
For an instant
Or for a lifetime
Will always be mine


These Ideas of Mine

These ideas of mine
At times challenging to define
Difficult to translate
Without visual mandate
A blank slate to begin
Expression from deep within
I feel so restless
Becoming reckless, these heightened senses
Mostly in my mind
Revelation can’t be timed
Occurrences in an instant
Never consistent
How to hone
These feelings unknown
Allocation on paper
From a verbal invader
Formal release
Intellectual relief
These ideas of mine
At times challenging to define
Difficult to translate
Without visual mandate
A blank slate to begin
Expression from deep within
Occasionally congested
Always vested
Apprehension of deduction
Mind under abduction
No jurisdiction
Over the decision
To express this mess
Or something less
That resides
In my insides
I have no say
How I will voice today
And these ideas of mine
At times challenging to define
Difficult to translate
Without visual mandate
A blank slate to begin
Expression from deep within


Self Views


Self, Character, Essence
Inner luminescence
Internal vision
Under revision
Complete disclosure
Acceptance of being
Approval unrequired
Not desired
This is you
Your view

Art is Love

Music brings inspiration
In my heart I hold so much admiration
To artists diverse
Passion disbursed
Splattered on a substrate
Eloquently explaining hate,
Love, you name it
Expression being articulated
Creating aesthetics
With each set of kinetics
Visual and audible to name a few
Resulting in my soul renewed
All of the outlets
Different outsets
So much allure
It’s ensured
Creative interpretation
For whichever sensation
Whatever you’re feeling today
Art won’t lead you astray
Craft, dexterity, artistry
To life, brings harmony
Astounding minds
Open the blinds
To the loveliness of life
Aiding in avoiding strife

I love all art.  Expression is one of the world’s most magnificent gifts. ❤

Ingest the World Interior

Ingest the world interior
Never feel inferior
You are the master of your own dreams
although, at times, different it may seem
Reflect on what’s inside
let your emotions out, don’t allow them to hide
Self expression
Life’s greatest lesson
Needing to be attained
gained, explained, and contained
Splashed on a wall
Evidence for all
The declaration of you
Displayed to view