Month: September, 2014

Free Yourself

I’m over the notion of dating
Aloud, yes I’m stating
Not to be perceived as cynical
Frankly logistical
This pressing need
Hunger to feed
Being set aside
To be later revived
Not misplaced forever
Exclusively for this endeavor
This self discovery
My minds recovery
Rebirth of a soul
Longing to know
The depth internal
Far beyond external
Uncovering the expanse
Of personal romance
Aiming to gratify
Conditions in which I identify
Selfishness in question
Let this be a lesson
Self-centered, egotistical- this is neither
Entertain as standard procedure
To ultimate prosperity
In all sincerity
Freeing yourself
Subsequently for someone else


This too, Shall Pass

Life is astonishingly strange
The way conditions rearrange
No consultation prior
Momentarily feels dire

Seconds are long lasting
Suffering as a result of fasting
From a mutation
In every day rotation

Pulled out from under our feet
Leaving circumstances incomplete
What’s this search for clarity?
Leading to such vulgarity

Desperate for explanation
Consumed by frustration
A look, good for no one
And painstakingly overdone

From the outside gazing in
You can’t help but grin
Knowing viewing through the glass
That this too, shall pass


Bad days, dreadful times, unpleasant circumstances, they are nearly momentary in the big picture.  At the time these moments can feel as if they will never end.  Every time you reach that point where things are okay you can reflect and think ‘that wasn’t so bad’.   Not such a awful thing to remind yourself of when one of those off days decides to make it’s grand appearance again.

There is no joy without sorrow, no love without hate, no pleasure without pain.
Appreciate the highs and the lows, they only prove the capability and strength of our minds and that we are truly alive.


Cova, Out.

Late Night Thought X3

My mind needs an off switch. It doesn’t understand sleep is an important segment of life.

My Self Journey, Journey for myself

Chapters of my life once scattered. No longer.

Self journey can be interrupted abruptly when not prepared for it.  It’s funny how detrimental some things in life appear momentarily.  Like needing to answer a text message, or spending more time with someone.  We as a human race starve for immediate gratification.  How could we not, were programmed this way.  I for one am guilty of this.  Training ourselves against this notion could quite possibly be the best thing for us. I’m attempting this mission.

Most of my most cherished purchases, for instance, were bought not for the sake of immediate gratification but well thought out. I took time, shopped around, made sure I was making the right decision and getting exactly what I wanted.  Not to say that purchasing something on a whim can’t be just as rewarding (I did buy my dog this way) but I think the ladder tends to be much more gratifying.

There are decisions we make throughout life that are more impactful than others.  This list of decisions is probably different for each and every one of us.  To me finding love is a big decision and one not to be taken lightly.  Think about it, you chose one person to be with for the rest of your life.  This is a decision meant to be made only once, if you’re lucky.  That’s kind of a big deal.  So here are my thoughts on making this decision:

TAKE YOUR TIME.  Why the big rush?  Did you know there are 7.125 BILLION people in this world.  BILLION.  It’s almost as if some people believe there aren’t that many.  I’ve been this believer, I think. I don’t regret a single person I’ve dated.  Whether that meaning one date, a steady hang out, or a full blown relationship, I have no regrets.  We should be dating, we should be taking time to get to know people and what they’re all about, we should explore the many options that we have in front of us.  If I am going to be making a choice of one person for the rest of my life you better be damn sure I am going to make the right one.

And man, am I ever enjoying the ride.
Here’s to romancing myself and meeting the world one person at a time.


Late Night Thought X2

Finding your way comes from first being lost.

And oh, it’s a wonderful journey.

Late Night Thought X1

There are 7.125 BILLION people in this world.

Madness.  Just saying….

Live Your Dreams

I keep finding myself having moments I can’t explain. In these moments I feel like I’ve taken flight, like I’m literally floating above my being.  This feeling is usually short lived, as most are, but whenever they appear I close my eyes and take a second to really relish in it, truly soak it in.

I just had one of those moments and It made me feel so alive.

Live your dreams, it’s worth it.
I promise.

Intelligence Receiver

Mindlessness within a box
Full of color and flare
You can get lost in there

Endless possibilities
Exploration at your foreground
With nothing to astound

Glazed eyes
Slumped in convenience
It’s genius

Savior to most
The idea at least
Of feeling release

Or nothing at all
Barren, blank, deserted
Temporarily reverted


Get lost in what you love

Get lost in what you love. Dream big and then make those dreams a reality. Always remember you’re the only one who can give you exactly what you want in life. Be your best motivator.

Happy Monday

There are a lot of beautiful people in this world. Relish in the positive and the admirable.